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Tips On Building Multiple Streams Of Income by Maree Cutler-Naroba

Hi sisterhood, here are some tips and ideas on ways in which you could add income streams to your business. Working on adding at least one more additional income stream to your business can have a huge impact. On the other hand, don’t try and introduce too many different income streams at once as that can be overwhelming for both you as the business owner and for clients!

Building more than one income stream for your business


Easier to create 3 streams that earn $1500, rather than one stream that earns $4500

Lowers the risk of an income stream dropping off

Allows you to mix and match your talents, skills and passions


Keeping on top of all tasks per income stream

Giving enough attention to each income stream (‘plate-spinning’)

Start-up process per stream can be time-consuming

Types of income streams

Passive income streams

  • You create ONCE, but they continue to generate income

  • Examples: book, course, audio or video creations, membership/exclusivity program, licensing your idea

  • Such sources of income require less time once they are created

Non-passive income streams

  • You need to do over and over to make money

  • Examples: providing the service – haircuts, massages, mowing lawns, personal training sessions

  • How can you go from reaching ONES to reaching TENS or HUNDREDS?

  • 1 to 1 session, 1 to small groups session – workshops, master classes , 1 to many – conferences, forums, summits

Turning your Services into Products


  • A foot in the door to create some leads

  • Think of how you can create a small, bite-sized version of your service and package it into a product that someone will pay for.

  • It could be a video course/tutorials (see the tool, how-to guide, ebook, cheat-sheet, audit, or something else.


  • Look back at your past client projects.

  • Was there something common across all these projects?

  • How long did the project take you finish?

  • How much did you charge? Was it profitable?

  • You could look to split the prices into different tiers/levels


  • Small project $5,000, 100 hours to complete, certain set of deliverables, then package that up into a tier called ‘Small Business,’ this is your minimum engagement level.

  • Then, look at your projects that were higher priced. Did they inclu