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Build Trust & Credibility Through Awards by Fideliz Cruz

Winning an award isn't just about having a shiny trophy on your shelf; it's about building your profile and credibility as an entrepreneur. It's the most effective way to establish trust with your customers, partners, and peers in the business world. So, if you're ready to take your business to the next level, have a look at the follow tips I have for you below:

1. Define Your Goals:

Start with your WHY. Why do you want this award? Is it to boost your business sales, brand awareness, build trust and credibility, motivate your team, celebrate your hard work and efforts over the years or all of the above? Knowing why you're entering the awards will keep you focused.

2. Research Awards & Check Eligibility: Look around for awards that is in alignment with your business. Check out both local and industry-specific ones and before diving in, ensure you meet the criteria. These can range from the size and location of your business to specific achievements or initiatives. By the way check out our KWE Academy Awards! If you know of any Christian Women in Business, why not nominate them for this years awards! Please Note: KWE Academy Awards operates with a unique approach distinct from traditional Business Awards. Rather than relying on self-nominations, we foster a culture of support among Christian Business Owners, empowering them to nominate and uplift one another. So it's not self nomination but we encourage everyone to nominate and we know that this will have a ripple effect and will encourage the recipients to also pay it forward and nominate too.

3. Tell Your Story & Show Your Personality: Make sure you tell your story. You know your business better than anyone. Write an application that's genuine and captivating. Share your journey, achievements, and the impact you've made and while you're at it, inject some personality! The judges are real humans, not robots so make sure that they will get a real feel for the person and the business being entered.

4. Show You Care & Provide Specific Examples: If you're into community projects, sustainability, or philanthropy, highlight them. Many awards love businesses that give back. Make sure to also add examples. So rather than saying "finance performance improved significantly in the last twelve months" and leaving it at that, explain how it's increased. For example: "we increased profit by 33 per cent."

5. Proofread & Submit with Confidence:

Award entries are like resumes - they should shine the very best light on you and your business. Before hitting that submit button, double-check everything. Be punctual – deadlines matter and Make sure you've got all the required documents that have been asked as well.

6. Celebrate Your Win:

When you win (and you will!), don't forget to celebrate. Share the joy with your team and spread the news. Use the recognition as a springboard for your business's growth.

remember that it's not just about the award it self or the accolades—it's about the incredible journey. The challenges, the lessons, and the growth are all part of the process. What I love the most about awards is that it gives me an opportunity to also look back at the amazing things that I have accomplished through my business. Filling up the nomination forms always get us to reflect on the goodness of God and the milestones we have conquered by His grace.

In the end, what truly matters is that you've shown up and shone for God in the world of business.

As Matthew 5:16 (NIV) reminds us, "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Let's not forget to encourage one another to keep striving, keep innovating, and keep making a positive impact in the world through our businesses. And for those who haven't yet, don't hesitate to nominate your business for future awards—it could be your turn to shine next!

Keep believing, keep striving, and keep letting your light shine bright! Love and blessings,

Coach Fideliz


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