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Learning to Share the Load: Real Talk for Christian Women in Coaching & Business by Cheri Toledo

Hey, everyone! I want to take a minute and join in the discussion about our world of coaching and entrepreneurship. As Christian coaches and entrepreneurs, some our favorite conversations revolve around how we can make the most of our gifts and calling, our message, and, of course, growing our businesses.

Stroll down memory lane with me for a sec ... we’re going to go way back to the late 90s ... yep, last century! I was the Academic Dean and Counselor at Horizon Jr/Sr High School in my favorite city, San Diego. We had weekly staff Bible studies and when it was my turn to take the lead, the Lord sent me to Exodus 18.

This is where Moses and his father-in-law, Jethro, were reunited. They greeted each other warmly and stepped right into a deep conversation about how they were doing. Not your everyday chitchat, but a real heart-to-heart about life, struggles, and everything in between. They went way beyond our typical "How are you?" greeting with the "I'm fine, how are you?" response.

Moses told Jethro all about God conquering Pharaoh and the “other gods.” And then they enjoyed a grand feast together. I don’t know about you, but there’s really nothing any better than good company and good food!

Later, it was time for Moses to go to work. As always, he found himself knee-deep in solving the disputes among the Hebrew people ... he was running himself ragged listening to them from morning to evening. Jethro, seeing Moses on the brink of exhaustion, strongly suggested that Moses train leaders and delegate so they could share the load by taking the easier cases. Moses would then have a lighter load of cases that ... and this is important ... ONLY HE could address.

What do you think? Could you do that? As coaches or entrepreneurs, we often fall into the trap of thinking that we're the only ones who can do things ... and we’re the only ones who can do them right. But, like Moses, we need to learn to hand over some of the tasks that don’t need our special touch. Now I know that it’s scary to give up control ... trust me ... I’m a full-on “I-can-do-this-best-Betty” ... but it can be a real game-changer for our businesses and our peace when we make the decision to do whatever it takes to lighten our load.

Here's the thing. We don’t need to be the ones doing everything ... we need to be doing only the things that ONLY WE CAN DO ... and then delegate those things that others can step in and do for us. Now the “others” might be a technology tool ... or a one-off outsourced task ... or a full-time assignment.

Outsourcing is a lot like going to a potluck dinner. You don't have to cook everything yourself. You bring your killer coleslaw (because no one does it quite like you) and trust others to bring their specialties, too. The result? A fantastic feast with a lot less stress than if you’d cooked and served the entire meal by yourself. Just thinking about doing that makes me tired!!

Now, I'm not saying you should hand over everything to someone else. We're talking about those tasks that drain your energy or eat up the time that you could be doing something in your zone of genius. For me, it's designing and posting for social media and crafting landing pages. I can do them, sure, but it doesn't mean I should. In fact, I get lost in the black hole of Canva ... it’s so fun and taps into my creative side that sometimes I lose track of the more pressing tasks that need to be completed ... like creating the script and slides for my upcoming webinar.

When we start to make wise decisions about delegating, we find ourselves freeing up time AND offloading stress. It's all about finding that sweet spot of peace and ease in our work. And doing those things that are uniquely ours to do ... those things that are within our zone of genius. Getting really good at this skill helps us live and work from His rest.

I’m going to suggest a place to start delegating and outsourcing that everyone can afford. In fact, it won’t cost you anything ... Well, it may cost a little humility. Just follow the SALT trail!

Step 1: Stop whatever you're doing. That’s right ... sit down and clear your mind ... turn off the music or TV ... close the door. I even put up a little sticky note on my door that says, “Online.”

Step 2: Ask the Holy Spirit for help. “Holy Spirit, I need your thoughts and strategies for this next step” ... “Holy Spirit, could you please give me the wording for this landing page so that my Signature Clients see my heart for them?” ... “Holy Spirit, I can’t figure this out — please teach me what I need to know.” Ask Him for whatever you need. Don’t hold back.

Step 3: Listen. Make yourself sit and wait for an answer. Remember, Jeremiah 33:3, “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.” When we ask Him, He is faithful to answer us. This is so much fun ... He loves to tell us secrets, He loves to help us, and He loves to see us be successful in living out the calling and destiny that He gave us.

Step 4: Give thanks and take action. Thank God for His faithfulness and then DO! Avoid analyzing the answer and procrastinating. Enjoy the fact that the Lord is your CEO and He loves watching you get it done!

Now that you are aware that your first outsourcing and delegating is to the Holy Spirit, let’s take some baby steps and start outsourcing a simple task.

Here's your homework:

Whether you have $25 or $100 to invest, find someone to create a logo for your business. There's a world of talented people out there just waiting to lighten your load. Take the emotion out of this activity ... there’s not much at stake ... you’re just experimenting ... you can’t do it wrong.

Go to Fiverr or Upwork or a group that you’re in and look for someone who specializes in logos. Set a budget — say, no more than $25-35. Then set a searching time limit for yourself — like 30 minutes — set a timer so you don’t spend too long looking for the “perfect” person. Do your homework before hiring. Check the rates, look at testimonials, focus on their specialties. Then click the HIRE button! Don't let anything stop you from stepping into this learning experience.

Three things are going to happen when you complete this activity:

  1. You'll get a new logo

  2. You’ll learn a lot about the hiring process

  3. You’ll start building your confidence and courage

Building these skills will help you create the foundation that you’re going to need when your business has grown beyond what you can handle on your own.

Remember, preparation is a prophetic act. Or ... like the line from Field of Dreams “... if you build it they will come!” Prepare yourself by taking these small steps … you want them to become second nature so that this time next year — when you need to outsource and delegate — it’s an easy transition!

The road to a thriving coaching or entrepreneurial venture isn't walked out alone. We're in this together. So, let's share our loads, focus on what we do best, and grow together. Trust me, next year at this time, you'll be thanking yourself.

Keep building, keep believing, and watch how things will fall into place. You can do this!!

Dr. Cheri Toledo

Christian Life Coach & Business Mentor

Created to Coach Academy

Podcast: The Created To Coach Academy Podcast. Here are all the links:


Dr. Cheri Toledo is a former athletic coach, counselor, educator, and administrator. After 20 years, in higher education, Cheri retired in 2020 and is now coaching and mentoring full time. She is a

certified Elite Life Coach and loves working with Christian life coaches who are ready to do whatever it takes to step fully into their calling from God and take up their assignment for building the Kingdom.

Cheri is an avid pickleball player and dedicated college volleyball spectator — absolutely a better college coach from the sidelines than she was back in the day.

She and her husband of 30 years, Nick, volunteer at the Healing Rooms where they see God’s hand in bringing healing and restoration to hundreds of people. She has a bucket list of athletic events, international travel destinations, and churches to visit.

Cheri’s coaching program, The Created to Coach Academy, is focused on encouraging, equipping, and empowering her clients to master clarity, content, and cashflow. She is also a podcaster at The Created to Coach Academy Podcast, where she shares on topics of business clarity, program course development, and business mindset.


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