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Your FREE Summer 2020 Small Biz Marketing Strategy By Elise Springwoods

Hello & welcome to you, the wonderful business owner working and sharing your faith either by actions alone or with words too. Congratulations on being a beautiful example of Christ's love and hope. To say thanks for all your hard work here is a treat just for your business with real examples you can use straight away. 

Summer 2020 is just around the corner, traditionally your marketing material should be scheduled and ready to fly out the door come Dec 1st. But this year, this big fat, weird, strange year .... is a little different. 

If it's September 2020 and you are reading this, without a clue of where to begin - keep reading. When Summer 2020 rolls around; we all deserve to be celebrating Jesus’ birth and planning how exactly we will be relaxing over Christmas, not what to post on the biz page. 

Welcome to the one-size-fits-all summer foolproof campaign. Designed particularly with Covid in mind, and those business plans that went out the window; then landed in the elephant graveyard of all pre-covid planned projects.

To begin, let's be in the right headspace. 

1) Pray, have a look at your scripture of the month/year/season.

2) Think "Renewal" and keep your avatar in mind.

3) Think about your business position logistically, and in the market.

4) What is essential right now? Hot tip; don't say "make money" - derr that's business, be specific.

Do you need future-proofing? More subscribers? Grow market share in a niche? Connect? Build community? Learn from clients about new needs? 

If this is mumbo-jumbo, we might be able to help :)

send me (Elise) a dm at @thevirtualmanagementsolution to learn more.

I am a self-confessed nerd who loves nothing more than seeing friends in business grow beyond expectations with God's perfect timing.

Okay, now you have all that information in your head - go for a walk, I'm not kidding, that's a massive effort, your brain needs fresh air to keep firing hard. 

*insert elevator music*

Okay - now you are back and excited to go again. What is your best method of connecting B2B & B2C? That's important because we want to use this platform to connect.

Emails are ‘old-school'. It's a neat algorithm hack to use your best performing platform (for example I.G.) for casual communications . Then the "brain" or algorithm will see you are active, alive and legit and reward you with even more exposure.

Basically ‘What you water grows’. Or ‘Where you want to be, you need to be’. 

Have you joined the dots yet? It would help if you were thinking about a collaboration deal without a sales pitch. To grow the community; to grow organically! It's about adding value without selling. It's about renewal; It's about building trust - who else has information-overload from news updates? Your client does. 

Here is YOUR Summer 2020 Marketing Campaign; Save phone space, no need to screenshot - use the TRELLO board already designed for you - just ask, and I’ll send it over.