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What's Your Compelling Vision? By Fideliz Cruz

We all need a compelling vision for our lives. Whether you're a CEO, an entrepreneur, an artist, an athlete, a celebrity, a full time mom, a famous chef or a pizza delivery guy - YOU have to have a VISION. Yes, there's a Vision that you might have as a team for a project, a vision for your church, a vision for your connect group or ministry team or perhaps a vision as a family. These are all group visions, where you create the vision collectively. But today, i want to be specific and talk to you about YOUR PERSONAL VISION. Creating your Personal Vision is so important! It helps you learn more about your talents & gives way for you to exercise your gifts. It will allow you to see your unique advantages. It helps you know how to create the greatest value for yourself , your family, the church, your community and your work for the glory of God.

Our Vision should constantly remind us of the unique way in which God has chosen us to fit into His great plan. While the specifics of our lives and and callings may vary we share a common purpose: To be good stewards of what God has given us & to bring the principles of God's Kingdom to bear in every area of our life. Without a Vision People perish (Proverbs 29:18). Without a Vision we become tired, we feel a sense of stagnation - we will fill stuck, unable to see beyond the now, and have no sense of direction. Discovering and developing a person vision for your life should be of high importance if you want to continue to succeed and grow. The word Vision comes from the Latin visionem, meaning wisdom. Having a vision is having the wisdom to see past certain events in expectation of a greater outcome.

When you have a Personal Vision, it should: - Motivate you. It will cause you to jump out of bed and get excited to work towards your compelling vision. - Give you amazing sense of purpose. - Give you direction. - May way for your gifts and talents to be exercised - Lead you to the right strategies in achieving goals towards your Vision. - Bring out the best in you - Bring meaning to your life that it will mobilise you into action. - Stay focused & Committed. - Arouse your desire for greatness & your need to make a difference in the world.

So tell me, what is your Personal Life Vision? Perhaps you already have one, but you got a bit side tracked and you need to get focused and get back into it? Perhaps your Vision is not so clear and you need to re-asses where you are now at this very moment? or perhaps you haven't really thought about having a Vision and would love to start now. This is one of the reasons WHY I have created my Vision Casting Workshop! I wan't to help you get clear on your Personal Life Vision because creating a broader vision is the first step to manifesting your ideal life. Allow yourself to be able to see through the eyes of faith! I don't know where you're at in your life, but I want to challenge you today to create a bigger vision for yourself. We have the tendency to place ourselves within boundaries that define who we can and cannot be. This mindset causes us to settle for the lowest level of our potential & you are so much better than that! I believe with all my heart that you are more than able, you have all the gifts and the talents that's just so ready to be shared in this world!

You have bigger ideas, you have massive potential, and all you have to do is start with your Vision! Believing & Praying for you, Fideliz


Fideliz Cruz is a Christian Life & Business Coach and is the Founder of Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs Academy

A visionary who loves seeing women rise up in leadership in any aspects of their lives, using their gifts and talents to build a business & life that honours God, as they walk in their God-given calling. Fideliz is a Certified Life Coach by BYCA & is the winner of the 2018-2019 International Coach Of The Year Award. Fideliz runs a few bespoke workshops in Sydney one of which is the Vision Casting Workshop that aims to help women create their Personal Life Vision and kick-start their journey towards their dreams.

Author and Co-founder for an online store providing Christian products such as journals and affirmations cards. You can find her at


The Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs is a Sisterhood Community for The Vision Builders, Boundary Breakers, Passion Igniters; Called & Anointed To Shine In Their Uniqueness & God Given - Calling.

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