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Practical Tips To Make Working From Home A Success by Elise Springwood

When I first started drafting this blog, WFH life was still kind-of a #trendy dream. 2020 has quickly provided a shake-up of mammoth proportions to counteract that. For many who abruptly experienced a WFH version of life thanks to the pandemic, working from home is now 'the new norm'. I do genuinely hope people from all walks of life continue to shift into a home office space. It's just the best!

If you have been throwing the idea of permanently working from home, here are a bunch of great resources & connections to effortlessly make this your reality. 

I am going to guess by now, with 12 weeks of WFH up your sleeve; you will no doubt realise the first few "must-know" essentials; like don't eat four blocks of chocolate for breakfast then scroll FB until lunch (we've all been there, don't stress). Instead, we will skip straight to the importance of setting your ideal morning routine. Use pretty colours, alarms and positive affirmations to motivate yourself, the fancier the script, the more likely it will work.

Here is mine. 

First Alarm: Allow 3-minute snooze.

Roll out of bed and into runners. Intervals with sprinting then stroll for 500m.

Grab greens and eggs from the hen house and organic veg gardens; pop in the sink to rinse and warm coffee machine while you shower.

Second Alarm: Out of the shower and into work clothes (makeup and hair optional).

Whip up an omelette with fresh produce gathered earlier, settle in with a coffee to enjoy than spend time in the Word until bub awakes … 

Yeh, I am joking! I did, that, maybe like, once.

Working from home life is somewhat like 2020 unpredictable! Throw in a baby or two, property, snacks oh the never-ending snacks, relationships, pets, NBN and the random stray animal. We all quickly realised schedules are "just for fun" - right?. 

Instead; Here are realistic and practical tips to make your next chapter a working from home success


Begin every single contract with paperwork - clearly outline the job specifics. 

I know it's annoying, but sometimes the lines blur between employee, contractor and friend. Keep it clear from the start. If you are available at flexible times throughout the week around parenting requirements, be honest with that, your ideal client will understand, and the relationship will bloom with honesty. 

Free resource: Docs online they have great templates are free and allow you to insert signatures. When creating copy, I use a mix of Grammarly and