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Living an Intentional Life by Tiffany Garigan

What do you do everyday that shows intent? Do you intend to have good day? Do you have the intentions of productivity? Do you have the intentions of success? Do you have the intentions of ending your day complete?

Choosing to be intentional is the simple part. Putting intent into action and consistency is the challenge.

An intentional lifestyle starts with your habits.

Create good habits around what you enjoy, like finding the best time for you to plan a walk. Is it better for you to walk in the morning, afternoon or evening? Which time frame allows productivity and which time makes you restless? What time are you most creative? Finding your rhythm is significant for living an intentional life.

Over time, I have found through my own intentional living journey that identifying what's important to me, knowing who I am and what I value are high on my list. Everyone's intentional living list won't be the same. What works for me, might not work for you and that's ok.

I enjoy writing, so something that I do is journal what I want, why I want it, how will this benefit me and what will I do with it. For me, writing is also a weeding out process. What happens when I take time to outline my vision and something in it doesn't align with the vision that God has given me? I step away then I re-visit it and continue where I left off.

Picking up here hasn't always been a reflection of my beginning intent, but it helps shape my intention living by way of creating a journey and establishing a plan. I charge you to do the work for intentional living.

The required work may begin rocky, that's only a part of the process!

You'll find when you live by intent your own path will begin to emerge and you will find joy in living with INTENT!



Tiffany is the author of Lifeline: A Devotional Journey, which is available on Amazon.

This is a devotional about a life-changing brain injury she experienced.

Throughout her devotional, you will learn that Tiffany was on life support, went blind and started her life all the way over again at the age 25, she is now 35.

Her hope is that sharing her testimony will encourage women of all ages to develop a close relationship with God, so that they can also experience His miraculous healing power. Miracles aren’t only in the bible, God is still performing miracles today! She is also a Christian Life Coach to women and teen girls. Her website for coaching and her blog are here,


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