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Don’t Stop, Instead, Continue Forward by Jobelia Josephine

Being a businesswoman is great, right? You likely get to set your own hours, determine when you go home, and wear pyjamas to work. Well, it does often come with such perks... BUT, entrepreneurship is not as simple as it seems!

It can be energy-draining, overwhelming, and an emotional roller-coaster at times. How many times do you feel exhausted and want to give up on your journey? How often have you asked yourself if you are on the right path?

My early entrepreneurship journey was hit with a plethora of setbacks. Experiencing harassment, abuse, violence, and bullying led me to fear, doubt, and insecurity. However, somehow, soon, I recognized my pain had a purpose-- it encouraged me to channel my energy into something powerful! I was determined to be successful and to do something meaningful.

I knew God had put this business on my heart, I wanted to make a new future for myself, and I aspired to reach my goals. Like Joseph in the Bible, I had this dream, and ultimately, wherever God led, I wanted to go. Still, following God didn't mean everything would go smoothly. On the contrary, opposition and seemingly impossible scenarios crossed my way.

When I launched my handmade business from nothing and attempted to clearly discern God’s direction, I dealt with a lot of rejection and closed doors. The end seemed in sight, yet, I persevered, and I am so grateful I did!

God, the potter, was still shaping me, His clay, into something beautiful, and I just needed to trust Him. Through my ardent prayers and strive, suddenly, something amazing happened. The grand craftsman displayed Himself in all grandeur.

I started being noticed by the press, both domestic and international media. As I put my trust in Him, astonishingly, my business grew. I think of Noah being the laughing stock of his community, as he faithfully followed God’s direction in building a shelter for His family from the approachable judgement; this shelter would save his family. Also, Abraham was promised a son even in his ripe old age; and through this line, many nations would come.

Consider Job facing hardship after hardship, but because he trusted God, he was rewarded with an even greater bounty than he had before. After a year and a half of agonising sweat and struggle, I eventually got my first order and it was an international order. What a dream come true!

I could not imagine how God gave me the strength to survive till He opened the door. It took time, it needed consistency and patience, and it took a long process but was worth it. On the whole, obviously, all closed doors were redirected with something better. Nothing is impossible with God!

Like so many other small business owners, I experienced the brutal impact of Covid-19. In this impasse situation, I got discouraged and had the inclination to stop and close my business. At that moment, God reminded me several times:

“Don’t say it’s over if God says it’s not over. Don’t stop if God doesn’t ask you to stop. Never quit when God tells us to move forward.”

Though I could not see the path He was leading me on, I kept trusting in Him and looking for His wisdom. As the wonderful hymn goes, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

So, today, sisters, no matter how difficult your current challenges are, hang in there. Don’t stop, instead, continue forward and follow His guidance” because He will never leave you or forsake you.

In the same way, I would love to encourage you to remember this every time you need to take a step: “Don't take a step if God doesn't lead, but be brave enough to take a step wherever God leads.” In addition, I encourage you to help other women who are in the same shoes as you. Blessings!

Jobelia Josephine


Jobelia Josephine is the founder of Luxeova Atelier, a handmade brand that markets her stained glass to more than 50+ countries around the globe.

Besides working in her studio, she is a part-time interior designer and graphic designer, a full-time creative director at a food and beverage company, and an international social media content ideas creator.

As a visionary and dreamer, she loves to help women and children to reach their dreams and glorify God by maximising their talents.

Jobelia is fond of volunteering to help people in need and sending encouraging words to those around the world.

She has a dream to become a Christian Business and Entrepreneur Coach for Women one day soon. Connect with Jobelia here at


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