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KWE Academy Awards 2023


Saturday December 16, 2023  /  6:00 pm  / Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney


The KWE Academy Awards is a special event dedicated to acknowledging, celebrating, and paying tribute to the commitment and extraordinary achievements of Christian Women who have embraced their God-given calling in business and made a significant difference in their communities. This captivating evening brings us together to commemorate your business accomplishments, surrounded by your team, loved ones, and community.

Our formal awards ceremony and gala dinner serve as a platform for Christian women in business to come together and shine a spotlight on exceptional individuals who have achieved remarkable success throughout the year. It is also a momentous occasion to celebrate the bond of sisterhood and recognise the perseverance and hard work of every Kingdom Entrepreneur. Together, our goal is to honor God and express gratitude for His unwavering faithfulness as we continue to pursue our divine business visions.

KWE Award Categories

KWE Academy Award Categories 


Kingdom Women Entrepreneur of The Year Award

The Kingdom Women Entrepreneur of The Year Award honors a remarkable Kingdom Woman who embodies and upholds the principles of a Kingdom Woman Entrepreneur.

She exemplifies the qualities of a Proverbs 31 woman, drawing strength from the Lord and faithfully stewarding her talents to achieve success in all her endeavors.


As an active member of our KWE community, she consistently blesses and adds value to her fellow faith-filled entrepreneurs.

Her presence is truly inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on her community.


With a well-established business offering a range of products or services and a strong presence on social media, she demonstrates exceptional leadership and personal achievements that deserve celebration.

This award acknowledges individuals who champion other women by showcasing leadership, providing employment opportunities, or empowering them.


They are outstanding business owners who have successfully operated for a minimum of five years.


Kingdom Business Excellence Award

The Kingdom Business Excellence Award honors a remarkable Kingdom Woman who has successfully established and grown a thriving professional business, experiencing significant growth throughout the year.

With a powerful media presence and a well-established brand, her exceptional work and dedication to serving others are evident through the glowing reviews from her numerous clients.


She consistently strives for excellence, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and constantly improving her offerings to better serve her clients.


Her personal and professional growth has been remarkable, and we join in celebrating her achievements.

This award acknowledges businesses that have achieved exceptional results across all aspects of their operations, including creativity, innovation, and resilience.


Kingdom Culture Advocate Award

The Kingdom Culture Advocate Award Celebrates a Kingdom Woman who has a heart to serve and give back to the community.


She is passionate in helping those in need and actively finds ways (through her business platform or non for profit) where she can support causes that bring about change and major impact in people's lives.


Her heart of faithfulness and generosity is to be celebrated. She is truly an agent of change and is an advocate for Kingdom Culture.

This award recognises individuals who are making a difference to people’s lives, the environment or the world through their business or their non-profit.


Christian Podcast of The Year Award

The KWE Christian Podcast of The Year Award Celebrates a Kingdom Woman who has created a beautiful and thriving podcast that not only continue's to share God's message of love but also showcases diverse topics, opinions and lived experiences that empower and inspire.


This KingdomWoman's podcast is professionally presented, with the aim to encourage and empower the listeners to put faith into action.


She continues to passionately pursue her God-given podcast vision, being a voice of faith and hope in this ever noisy and changing world.


Christian Artist of The Year Award

KWE Christian Artist of The Year Award Celebrates a Kingdom Woman who is passionately pursuing her God-given creative business vision.


Whether it be performing or creative arts, this Kingdom Woman has established a successful and thriving business and continues to inspire & empower through her work.


She continues to faithfully to steward her God-given gifts & talents and stays true to her values in the midst of a changing world. Her Creativity and out of the box thinking is to be celebrated"

This award recognises creative businesses that have achieved outstanding results in all aspects of business, including creativity, innovation and resilience.


Christian Book / Product of The Year Award

Christian Book/Product of The Year Award Celebrates a Kingdom Woman who has created either a beautiful book or a product that is in alignment with her God-given business vision.


Her outstanding work and passion to serve is evident in this book/product, with reviews from her many customers. It is a well established book/product and have been professionally designed with a strong online presence.


Her heart to show up for something bigger than herself and to create something that will bless and empower others is to be celebrated


KWE Academy Student of The Year Award

KWE Academy Student of The Year Award Celebrates a KWE Academy Student's hard work and effort throughout the duration of the 9 month Academy program.


This Kingdom Woman demonstrated not only her passion and desire to pursue her God-given business vision, she has also demonstrated outstanding results and have proved her commitment for personal and professional growth.


Results are evident in her business and those that she serves. Her desire to serve and the heart to steward her Kingdom Business needs to be celebrated.

This award recognises KWE Academy students that have achieved outstanding results in all aspects of business, including creativity, innovation and resilience.


*Must be a graduate or enrolled in KWE Academy to be eligible to enter this category

Untitled design-33.png

KWE Academy Shine Bright Award

KWE Academy Burning Bright Award Celebrates a KWE Academy Student who has shown such passion in her personal and professional growth. She has put faith into action to pursue her God-given business vision.


She is always looking at ways to better serve her clients and improve her business. Her had work is evident through her achievements and shows a big potential for growth in the future. Her commitment to excellence and consistency is commendable. She is burning bright and we believe that she will continue to shine even brighter.

This award recognises individuals that are pre-launch or in their first 12 months but have a creative, scalable, interesting or innovative business idea, innovation or concept.

*Must be a graduate or enrolled in KWE Academy to be eligible to enter this category

Important Dates & Info

Nominations Open:

August 12 2023

Nominations Close: 

October 7 2023 

Finalists Announced: 

October 14, 2023

KWE Academy Awards Gala Night RSVP by:

November 27, 2023

KWE Academy Awards Gala Night

December 16, 2023


KWE Academy Awards operates with a unique approach distinct from traditional Business Awards. Rather than relying on self-nominations, we foster a culture of support among Christian Business Owners, empowering them to nominate and uplift one another.


By nominating a fellow Kingdom Entrepreneur you are doing 3 things: 

1) You are strengthening & celebrating the Christian business community.
Celebrating fellow Christian business owners fosters a sense of unity and support within the Christian business community. It creates a space where like-minded individuals can come together, share experiences, and encourage one another in their faith and business endeavors. As a result, the Christian business community is strengthened as a whole. It creates a culture of collaboration, trust, and mutual support, where businesses can come together to make a positive impact in their communities and contribute to God's kingdom work.

2) You play a part in the testimony of God's faithfulness:

Testimony of God's Faithfulness: Celebrating fellow Christian business owners provides an opportunity to acknowledge and testify to God's faithfulness in their lives and businesses. It highlights His provision, guidance, and blessings, serving as a reminder that success is ultimately dependent on His grace and favor. It encourages a spirit of gratitude and a deeper reliance on God in the pursuit of business goals.

3) You encourage & inspire fellow KWE's to continue the work that God has put in their heart.

Recognising and celebrating the achievements of fellow Christian business owners can inspire and encourage others on their own entrepreneurial journey. It serves as a reminder that success is attainable and that they are not alone in facing challenges. By recognising and honoring those who have embraced their faith and incorporated biblical principles into their businesses, it showcases the positive impact of Christian ethics and values on entrepreneurship & it can inspire others to integrate their faith into their own business practices too.




As part of your nomination package, all nominees will receive a press release template to share with their local media. To be eligible, entrants must be Australian residents and owners of their own businesses or non-profit organisations. We have a set of incredible judges who are experts in their field who will decide on the winner according the each categories. 


The winners for each category will be revealed during the prestigious KWE Academy Awards Gala Dinner, taking place on December 16, 2023.

"Love each other with genuine affection,

and take delight in honouring each other."

- Romans 12:10


Congratulations KWE

Academy Graduates 2023!

The KWE Academy Awards holds a unique significance as we also honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of the graduating KWE Academy students this year. This grand event marks the culmination of their transformative 9-Month KWE Academy Journey, during which they have diligently applied their faith, acquired knowledge, and implemented Kingdom Principles in their businesses.

Save The Date: Saturday December 16, 2023 / 6:00 pm sharp to 10:00 pm  

Venue: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney

Dress Code: Strictly Black Tie Gala Event

Our elegant black tie KWE Awards Night & Gala Dinner will take place at the magnificent Radisson Blu Plaza, conveniently located in the heart of Sydney CBD. The evening promises to be a spectacular celebration, honoring our 2023 KWE Academy Graduates, Award Finalists, and Winners. It's an occasion designed for you to rejoice in your business accomplishments alongside your team, family, friends, and community.

A delightful program has been carefully crafted for the evening, featuring a sumptuous 2-course dinner with a complimentary drink upon arrival. Prepare to be enthralled by special guest performances and captivating entertainment throughout the night. It will be a beautiful celebration of sisterhood and a memorable way to conclude the year.

Please note that spots are limited, so be sure to RSVP and secure your tickets while they are still available.

Image by Charlein Gracia

Partner with us!

Our priority is to remove children from sexually exploitative and unsafe situations.


This year we have partnered with Destiny Rescue to help raise funds that will go towards rescuing children who are being sex trafficked. 

Destiny Rescue exist to rescue kids from sex trafficking and exploitation and help them stay free. They operate rescue, reintegration and prevention programs in multiple countries, and raise funds and awareness in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

By partnering with Destiny Rescue our goal is to:



We want to raise awareness of the worlds fastest growing crisis. Child sex trafficking. Over 1 million children are exploited by sex trafficking. $99 billion is generated by sex traffickers each year - $11 million every hour!  With your help we can make a difference in rescuing children from this horrendous act.


We want to raise funds. Help us rescue and restore a child through our fundraising efforts.


A portion of our ticket sales will go towards rescuing children who are being exploited. You can find out more about Destiny Rescue here:

Destiny Rescue Fundraiser

Help us raise funds to rescue a child

from sex trafficking!   

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 1.05.04 pm.png

Ordained Evangelist &

Prophetic Christian Artist

This year we have been blessed to partner with Nicola Gibb to raise funds to rescue a child from sex trafficking through Destiny Rescue.

Nicola's Beautiful Prophetic Artwork will be our raffled in the lead up to the KWE Academy Gala and winner will be announced on the night of the event.

Not only is Nicola a dynamic speaker and an ordained Evangelist in the C3 Church Movement, she is also a highly
 sought after Australian artist known for her passion for bold colours and texture. Her work reflects her belief that God is unlimited, miraculous and powerful. 
Nicola gets her inspiration to create with a verse of Scripture from the Bible or a revelation from the Spirit of God. Nicola uses acrylic paint, oils, mixed media, sand, paper and metals to create her abstract landscapes.  Nicola’s goal is to move and touch her audience’s heart.  Her art is said to have “the touch of God” on it.

Nicola understands on a deep level how life can present very challenging circumstances. She expresses in her artworks that the human spirit joined with God’s Holy Spirit can literally overcome any obstacle. Nicola leaves the presence of joy and hope on her art works, to transform and light up any room, space or human heart.


Night after night, Destiny Rescue's highly-trained rescue agents enter some of the darkest places on the planet to spot child employees in danger of being sexually exploited by customers.


Agents go undercover into sex establishments (brothels, bars, massage parlours, beer gardens, GoGo bars, KTVs or street prostitution etc.), in search of sexually exploited minors. Once identified, they build trust with the minor to offer a means of escape via a Destiny Rescue social worker. These undercover search and rescue missions are called Covert Rescues. 



Go in the draw to WIN Nicola's Prophetic Artwork valued at $1500 & Many more prizes generously 

gifted by our fellow Kingdom Businesses.

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at

Are you a Christian Business Owner and you want to partner with us to raise funds for Destiny Rescue? Or perhaps you want to help us by partnering as a KWE Academy Awards Sponsor. 
Please email for more info 


We have been so blessed to have the following Christian Creatives share their gifts and talents with us at this years KWE Academy Awards Gala.


Jen Pettyborne, Studio DLS

Jen Pettyborne, the dedicated director and principal teacher of DLS, driven by her love for Jesus, dance, hip hop culture, and fostering a strong sense of community.

Studio DLS, which stands for Dance.Love.Serve, embodies the very essence of their values and identity.

Nestled in Campbelltown, south-west Sydney, Studio DLS is a recently established dance haven, officially opening its doors in April 2023.

This dynamic studio specialises in offering casual adult dance classes, primarily inspired by hip hop, designed for individuals aged 16 and above.


Catering to a wide range of skill levels, from beginners to advanced dancers, they also provide unique classes for Mums and Bubs as well as stretch classes, fostering a diverse and inclusive dance experience.


Elysa V

Elysa V, a multi-talented individual, is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter, composer, rapper, and influential figure on social media, gaining recognition particularly for her appearance on X Factor UK in 2017.

Her journey in the spotlight includes appearances on various renowned talent shows, including The Voice Australia in 2015, X Factor Australia in 2016, and the more recent Australian Idol in 2023.

Not only does Elysa possess impressive performance skills, but she also showcases her abilities as a producer, releasing original singles on digital platforms.

Her dedication to honing her craft led her to pursue a Diploma of Music, specializing in Contemporary Performance and Composition, at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM), and she has now successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Western Sydney University (WSU).

5.BOOKLET 2.jpg

Lynette Moyo

Lynette Moyo, also recognised professionally as Lynette, hails from Zimbabwe and now resides in Australia. She is a talented singer, skilled songwriter, and dedicated worship leader, having faithfully served in this role for over a decade.

In 2020, she introduced her inaugural studio track, drawing inspiration from the impactful book "All that I am." Earlier this year, she celebrated the launch of her very first album, titled "The Author And The Finisher."

Lynette's devotion to both Christ and music has paved the way for her to participate in diverse platforms. These include lending her backing vocals on "The Voice Australia," captivating audiences with her voice during Christmas Carols at the Australian Royal Theatre, and engaging in various other musical endeavours.

With immense excitement, Lynette eagerly anticipates the forthcoming release of more of her soulful melodies. Stay tuned for the harmonious journey ahead!

Screen Shot 2023-08-08 at 11.28.33 am.png


Melody, a 25-year-old artist, is a singer-songwriter and composer with a rich history of participating in singing and songwriting competitions during her upbringing.

She even took part in the prestigious "Him Handog" songwriting competition in The Philippines, where she achieved an impressive position among the top 800 contestants.

Apart from her competition experiences, Melody's theatrical talents shine through as she is an active member of the renowned Pinnacle Players, a group of gifted artists based in Orange, NSW. Notably, she starred in their rendition of the Eurovision song contest. Additionally, Melody celebrated her debut solo performance in Orange, NSW.

Special Guest Performances



  • A commemorative crystal trophy from KWE.

  • An official KWE Winner Certificate.

  • An opportunity to showcase their expertise in a featured article on our KWE Blog.

  • A Facebook Live interview, shining a spotlight on their business, hosted by Coach Fideliz Cruz, the founder of KWE Academy.

  • A podcast interview with Annemarie Cross and Fideliz Cruz, featured on the KWE Podcast.

Additionally, one standout winner will be selected from among the category victors to be featured in an interview on Vision Radio!

Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 6.50_edited.png



Brand & Podcast Strategist

Founder of Podcasting with Purpose



Digital Creator & Founder of

Marketing Agency VULB Media.



Christian Life & Business Coach 

Director & Founder of KWE Academy


Business Sales Specialist, Broker & Coach

Best Selling Author of Courage to Bloom

Marites Novis Headshot.jpg

CEO & Founder of
First Property Investment Group


Prophetic Mentor. Director & Founder of Destiny Strategies Ministry

Image by Joanna Kosinska



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