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KWE Is the community of choice for

The Deborah Conference 

Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs has officially become TDC’s Community of Choice for its attendees!

The Deborah Conference (TDC) was founded by Maree Cutler Naroba in 2017. TDC is an annual Christ-centred Business Education event held nationally and soon to be internationally. Maree has a strong heart for the NATIONS and loves to champion Christian women entrepreneurs across the world. Maree is a business strategist, writer and dream nurturer who is passionate in serving Christian women entrepreneurs through her business education conferences and events.

And so with our KWE vision also being able to serve women from all over the GLOBE and bringing together faith filled entrepreneurs, we know that this is is a beautiful partnership - one with the same vision and passion in glorifying God and serving his people.

When Maree founded The Deborah Conference, she didn't set out with the sole intention of building a community. God impressed on her that her mandate was more about creating a Christ-centered Business Education Conference to be held in different cities and towns across the globe that women could come to learn and grow from and then take their learning and growth back into their own faith connections/ network groups / church / fellowship groups etc.

And so our KWE community is going to be that space for their attendees.

Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs is here to support TDC.

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