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Taking charge of our emotions in times of stress by Amanda Meyer

In times of stress, like the time we find ourselves now, we have a choice to make.

Do we choose fear, or do we choose faith?

In this community, I’m sure that most of us would at least want to choose faith.

Faith is ‘certain of what we don’t see’ (Hebrews 11:1)

In order to stay grounded in that faith and actually walk it out daily we need to acknowledge that our mindset is a big part of staying steadfast in our faith while the circumstances swirl around us and all the evidence points to the exact opposite of what we are believing for.

We take captive all thoughts and make them submit to Jesus! (2 Corinthians 10:5)

‘Don’t doubt in the darkness

what God has given you in the Light’

Part of taking captive every thought is a choice that we make in every moment of every day for every thought to not entertain, to instantly discard and put under the mighty power of Jesus authority. God gave us that instruction for a reason – because it is in our power to do it and it is our choice to make!

Emotional Self-Control is “the ability to keep your disruptive emotions and impulses in check, to maintain your effectiveness under stressful or even hostile conditions... staying clear-headed and calm.”

It is important to recognize that emotional self-control is really a verb and refers to an ongoing process!

So, take a moment and tune-in to your mind and body right now... What do you notice?

Beyond your own self-criticism... what isn’t good enough etc, pay attention to things like the tension you may be holding in our bodies or the incessant urge to stay busy – to be productive.

This is self-awareness. Our inner experience is ever changing and shifting.

Try choosing a time of day, for example lunchtime, where you can take 5 minutes and check in with yourself.

- What do you feel in your mind and body?

- A sense of hurry to get back to work?

- Unease from lack of sleep or lingering emotion from disagreement with your spouse?

The simple act of tuning in and noticing what comes up, with regular practice, can help to combat the daily information overload, allowing for better coping of the stresses of everyday life.

Emotions have become the driving force behind so many people’s lives and experiences. However, to grant them the power to rule over your destiny is a recipe for disaster.

Emotions are a guide showing us what our experiences have been thus far but are not facts and they do not tell us an accurate picture of today or the future, and they do not need to rule us.

It is a mistake to assume that every feeling is valid and truthful. It is our job to take our emotions in hand and sift them through the filter of our mind and spirit. Sometimes what we are feeling is simply unprocessed thoughts or outside stresses and contributing factors such as diet, lack of sleep spilling over and becoming emotions. In short, we need to control our emotions, not our emotions control us!

One of the most important things to remember in challenging times is WHO we are and WHOSE we are. That is at the root of everything and all mindset and emotions and decisions and actions.

So, who are you?

Take some time out and honestly answer these questions:

- What do you want to say?

- Where and how do you want to have an impact?