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Are You Numbing Your Pain Or Tuning Into It?By Megan Taylor

Numbing the pain receptors you feel when you place your hand on a hot stove, so you can keep it there, does not change the truth your God Designed physiology is trying to tell you: your flesh will burn if you do not take action + remove it.

There is a reason we have receptors for pain, they keep us safe. When you touch something hot, they say, "hey! that is dangerous, take your hand off or your hand is going to burn!"

In rare cases, people can be born without them + it can lead to a lack of awareness the pain provides when it comes to keeping our bodies safe.

Pain receptors are God designed to perceive our environment and warn us internally about danger. But so often, we rush to turn them off or silence them.

What if we leaned into that truth for a moment and explored our spiritual + emotional pain receptors.

You know the ones.

They may keep you up at night with thoughts like:

"What is my purpose?"

"Why am I here?"

" I feel so down..."

"Why did I get so defensive in that conversation?"

"Why have I been so short tempered + irritable towards my husband lately?"

Instead of leaning into these for a moment and paying attention to the potential cues, the world says, "hey, those thoughts are not normal, maybe you need a diagnosis for that and another medication."

Or, "those thoughts are normal, and you actually need to leave your husband because he is holding you back in life, get more self care, and find your highest self. Your energy is blocked right now." "Here, have some wine, take the edge off.. Binge Netflix, you deserve to eat an entire carton of ice cream + flaming hot Cheetos because life is hard.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum:

"You actually need to sell all your things and move away from society, everyone in charge is corrupt + this world is falling apart."

or "Wait, it is because your hormones need to be perfectly balanced + your house needs to be rid of all toxins + your diet needs to be pristine, then you will feel better. Or Maybe it is your yoga pants, you know they have microplastics in them now? I bet that is why you have those thoughts. Oh, and hey, your fascial is out of whack now, take care of that immediately too."

Or even, "You are not doing enough in your side hustle, you need to be a #bossbabe and join my team."

Hey sister, listen and please here me...

Sometimes those actions may be needed, there is some truth in each statement there. Burn out is real and our mind, body, and spirit needs rest and sometimes that looks like watching TV, or eating food that brings us joy. Some people get to a place where they need medication for a season, to even have capacity to start tuning in.

There is truth to the other side too: sometimes we need to wake up to the amount of toxins we consume and how they impact our mental + physical health, and be intentional to lower them, and honor the fact that food is medicine.

Hormones can really make a woman irritable + depressed and want to divorce her husband and when they are balanced, her mind truly can shift. Tuning into your menstrual cycle is an incredible practice and fascial work can be really helpful.

And yes, although the phrase #bossbabe makes me cringe, side hustles can be life changing.

But here is the thing, if we are not careful + discerning, all of these options can keep us hyperfocused + distracted from the original problem: listening to the receptors + tuning into our spiritual + emotional health.

That emotional + spiritual pain you feel could be a cue and an opportunity:

"What is going on with me at a deeper level? How is my spiritual + emotional health doing?"

What if we leaned into the pain and discomfort and started being intentional to invite God into the process and actually seek to be with ourselves and tune into what those receptors might be telling us? Fear often keeps us from doing this.

We become fearful of what we might find, so we opt for dopamine distractions instead. But can I just give you two powerful truths to work from when it comes to this?

Spiritual. + emotional receptors are often God given blessings + cues from your nervous system to help alert you of potential areas in your life that need attention. Remember, silencing the receptors do not change the fact something is happening. This can be a powerful practice, which is why I teach through how to do it in my course Aligned + Renewed, Check this out:

Are you ready to start tuning in? I have an entire course that walks you through this process.



Hi, My Name Is Megan Taylor Throughout my own journey of overcoming breast cancer, grief, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, anxiety, depression, and weight gain, I understand root-causes and solutions from both personal experience as a patient and as a provider. I have over 10 years of education including a Masters Degree in Nursing, 7 years of clinical experience, and multiple certifications including: Board Certified Family Practice Nurse Practitioner, Certified High Sensitive Person (HSP) Practitioner, Christian Mindset Coach, a Functional Nutrition Institute graduate, Polyvagal Informed, and AFMC Level 1 Functional Medicine Practitioner. I have a passion for lifelong learning and a heart for Jesus and Biblical Living. After working as a full time Nurse Practitioner, I began seeing a flaw in our medical system. The patient load is heavy, and the time we can spend with our patients is limited. Care is often based on symptom based management with no holistic focus. As a result, many illnesses and disease processes are overlooked or soothed with a quick fix. Patients feel unseen, hopeless, neglected, and are given pills for their symptoms that sometimes lead to long term negative effects. This has fueled my motivation to leave conventional medicine behind and establish a Functional Nutrition Coaching practice where I have sufficient time to spend listening to my client’s concerns, take a deep dive look into the potential root causes of their illnesses, empower them with the education they need to take care of their unique body, and offer an empathetic, listening ear along the way.

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