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Reflections on 4 Foundational Truths As You Love & Live Out God's Word By Joanne Tweedie

Hi Kingdom Sister,

How are you doing? Like - really.

I wish I could sit beside you and ask this question face to face.

Better yet, that Jesus would sit down beside us in this.

Because when the presence of God is in the room, everything changes.

Perhaps like me you feel that It’s been a long season - from lockdown to a ‘new normal’ - it feels like the ‘birth pangs’ (Matt 2:8) of humanity are ever so visible and humanity is groaning under the weight of our brokenness. And yet as God promises light is ever present and always seeking to break through the darkness (John 1).

As women of faith who have been intersected with the presence of the living God we have access to all truth in the Word of God. And my hope today is to ignite a fresh hunger for God’s word. And to encourage you with a divine whisper to come away and feel truth breathe within you afresh again.

This month as a community we have been exploring what it means to truly be women loving and living God’s word, and I am so honoured to bring a reflection upon four simple truths.

Truth One:

It is our birthright to know and understand God’s Word

Do you believe that you are a royal Daughter of the most high King?

In sisterhood circles we talk about this but have you thought that part of being royal is access to an inheritance, a spiritual treasure-chest of blessings which includes the Word of God?

Paul, who wrote more than half of the New Testament and was one of the forefathers of the early Church implored us to:

‘Show that you are a letter from Christ delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts’ (2 Corinthians 3:3) .

I love the sense of Truth being not only available to us but written inside of us and I believe this is part of the process that happens when we soak in and read God’s Word to us. That it activates truth that has been written inside of us since the beginning of time. It is therefore our birthright to be able to read, know and understand God’s Word, but i think so many lies or doubts can get into this place and become barriers to ‘knowing’. I know some of my barriers include - feeling ‘unqualified’, uneducated, unworthy, under-resourced, un-motivated, too time poor. Sound familiar?

I think a reason these lies take root is that the enemy knows how powerful the spirit of God becomes active & moving within us when we are able to swap lies for the truth, and step into the fullness of authority available to us as daughters of the living God. Sis, if that’s you too today I want to rebuke these lies with the sharp-sword of God’s truth. In the words of American author, Jess Connolly:

‘I want to say: you're safe here. In Jesus name, I reject and renounce any word spoken over your life (and mine!) that has made us feel unqualified or unfit to dive right into this birthright of ours, this love letter from Him to us. God's Word is our inheritance, and you'd better believe our Father would disagree with anyone who would try to keep us from seeking Him ‘

Can i get an AMEN?!

Reflect & Act:

What lies might you be believing that are hindering your intimacy with God?

Prayer: Father God, I know that you love me just as I am. And where your spirit is there is no fear but power, love and a sound mind (1 Timothy 7). In your love and gentle kindness show me any areas of doubt or fear that I can surrender to you as I come to know you in your Word more.