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"Help My Unbelief" - 5 Ways You Can Encourage Your Sisters in Christ by Esmeralda Ayala

There's something critical you need to know, and I hope you receive this truth in your spirit. Ready? You, chica, are a deadly weapon. I know that may be shocking to read, and you may be wondering how, but it’s true.

Being a woman can be difficult. Being a woman in business is also difficult. But, being a woman that owns her own business AND wants to honor God through it is substantially more difficult!

As a daughter of God, you’re counter-cultural. You’re called to do things differently. You’re a radical woman. You don’t run your life or your business like the rest of the world does. Your heavenly Father is the One that gave you the gifts, skills, and talent you have to serve the people assigned to you. And you know that God has His righteous right hand over your life. He's guiding you, protecting you, and leading you in His plans.

That still doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be times where you feel discouraged, insecure, or tempted to run your business the way everyone else does, even if that means compromising your Christ-like values. So, if this happens to you, it means it happens to other fellow sisters in Christ. So what do we do? How can we help one another when it comes to being women of faith in business?

Here are 5 ways you can encourage your fellow business sisters in Christ.

1) Dive Deep

I know when we ask others how they’re doing, it’s easy for them to say “I’m good,” or “I’m blessed and highly favored.” But, If you can provide a safe space where they feel comfortable speaking with you, I want to challenge you to go deeper and ask tougher questions.

“What do you feel God is trying to teach you in the season you’re currently in? How are you REALLY doing?” As a woman in business, it can be hard to not only balance our business lives, but our spiritual, relational, physical, social, and our financial lives as well. You can be so busy all the time that you check out. But when you take the time to reflect on how you're really doing, it’s not always good. 

Plus, you have a target on you. We live our lives and run our businesses to glorify God, and the enemy is stomping his feet in a fit. He’s trying everything he can to either sabotage you or distract you from the purposes God has placed in you.

This is where we can turn to our fellow sisters in Christ to vent, be open, real, and vulnerable enough to share our wins and losses. Ask your fellow sisters that come up in your spirit how they’re really doing. Ensure them that they are in a safe space where no judgment will be placed, and let them speak their truth. We all need someone to just listen from time to time. That could be you.

2) Real Talk

Talk to God and ask him to show you things that only He could know.

Listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and look for scriptures that back up your prayers. And, I don’t mean just adding them to your prayer list and then forget (Just being real; I accidentally do that sometimes).

Try writing out a prayer for your fellow sister in Christ and sending it to her. Set up a time where you two can gather together and read the prayer in faith and add whatever the Holy Spirit prompts you to add.

For where two or three are gathered in His name, He will be there too. Just because we can’t gather in person like before, doesn’t mean we can’t gather. Get a Facebook or Zoom call ready and let’s get to praying. It's a powerful tool available to you.

3) Gracious Giving

Give that word of encouragement, chica. It may sound obvious, but you have no idea how much a “You’re doing a great job,” or “I see how God is using you, sis,” will matter to a fellow sister in her business. Share her work with others via word of mouth or social media.

This action communicates how valuable her work is and how much others need to know. You could also contribute to her ministry, cause, or business by donating or purchasing something. This is a great way to not only encourage her, but you both benefit from it. We’re here to love one another and lift each other closer to Christ. There’s no better way to do that than to give.