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Finding Your Unique Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit By Sandra Phillips

The story of my business – Serendipity Remedial Therapies

15 years of service to so many people in different seasons of their life. From pregnancy, birth, teenagers, sportspeople, disabilities, corporate treatments, work-cover injuries, aged care/dementia, oncology and palliative care, grief relief, relaxation and celebrations of marriage and birthdays – the highs and lows of the reality of life - I truly have been blessed to provide treatments for each one.

A little about the name of my Business:

Serendipity means the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by surprise. You may be searching for something, i.e. a special treatment and find it and after realise you have received so much more than what you were actually looking for.

Remedial is finding a remedy to heal, help or soothe a person.

Therapies are the multiple ways the body can be treated for health and wellness unique to the individual person whether it is massage therapy, counselling or breathing training or all three at once.

Over the 15 years, I have often asked God (My CEO) - Lord, do you want me to change the name of my business. His response was always silence and calm.

Many have come because they were simply attracted to the name or they mention the movie Serendipity and I smile today at the meaning, as they come for treatment, healing or rest, they meet me THEN they find something so much more (My God) inside each treatment, there is His greatness, His presence, peace and His guiding hand as Head Physician over them all. He guides my hands, words, movements uniquely for each one.

I have learnt that I can do my job in my own strength which He has given me, or in His. There are days even though I am strong, I just have nothing to give and when I ask for His strength to do and move in His strength I am speechless and in awe of what He achieves through me as I hand over myself into Him. This is FREEDOM to rise above, He loves to show me what we can do together.

Many times He has modified and multiplied my finances in business and I have learnt to move with the flow whether I have a lot or a little, He is also responsible through His promises as my CEO to assess the situation with His knowledge and wisdom and guide me all the way.

Over the 15 years of Business, it has not always been smooth sailing, surprise!! Surprise!! I did not understand the difference between my strength and His, and He has made me very strong and resilient. Of course, this is limited especially to the point, you may have a lot of stamina and be able to sustain but eventually, things start to break down, health problems arise.

As I am striving forward to do my best for Him and achieve my goals, I had forgotten to seek the balance, His timing and what was really in His rest – which was restoration, reflection, rest for every cell of my body and recovery from each day.

Even in the middle of a storm I can enter His rest and rise above the situation and gain insight into what is really going on. Knowing now, I have a responsibility and so does He even as a sole trader He is always with me, in the decisions, the flow, stopping in the moments that take longer that matter to Him and of course the fact He wants to spend time with His children overwhelms me.

He cares about my business and the work we do together but it is about our relationship that matters most as we do Business.

So many great things have been written about health and wellness, from my experience God has been speaking to me lately about balance in health and wellness and the continuous journey we are all on. Each person is looking to achieve balance in their health.

He has highlighted to me the many seasons a human being goes through in their life, whether they are well or in sickness – there is negative and positive within us and in the reality of the world we live in. The world is made up of negative and positive – for e.g. in ions, air pressure, ph balance, temperature etc and etc.

Some of us shy away from the negative and just want to bask in the positive, in our weakness and the negative there is so much to learn about ourselves and bring about a unique understanding of ourselves, compassion and open ears to hear each person’s heart and meet them right where they are – just as Jesus meet the woman at the well in her daily life. I have been guided by God’s perfect timing in talking to people, listening and sitting with them as I hear their negative, aching hearts – I remain and wait on Him knowing the Holy Spirit will provide the next word to draw them to the positive while being mindful of His timing as He knows the persons heart and what they need. I am there to rest in Him, draw strength and look for the balance and Freedom He is calling them to.

Health and Wellness Tips

It is all about Balance

We are in this world but not of it


Your breathe is the first thing that was ever given to you and it will be the last thing to leave you one day. It is one of the greatest gifts to us, it can calm your heart rate and rebalance your organs and central nervous system.

When the world and life gets loud, simply connect with your breathe, breathe in your nose for a count of 4 gently, pause for 4 and then blow out your mouth for count of 7 this activates your vagus nerve – the longest nerve in your body, connected to every organ and has the ability when you breathe to reset the balance of each organ.

Learn to love the breathe God breathed into you, its simplicity, its power and its connection to your spirit.


Get quality sleep and take time each morning to give thanks for your sleep, the day ahead of you, your body, mind and spirit. Set the day up before you leave your bed. Every day is new no matter what!


Assess the stress around you and decide what is draining your energy?

for your energy is for you first and also to keep you aligned with the Creator’s perfect plan. Remember - He is working with and through you.


Feed your body the food it requires to be well, for all of us this could look different depending on your unique health, be thankful, be in balance with your decisions on what you feed your body.

Feed your thoughts with God’s best for you, keep in balance – as a man thinks so he or she will be, be kind to how you speak to yourself. For you belong to Him, as you speak well and love into yourself, it flows out again to the world around you.

Take moments throughout the day to check in with your body, ask the questions of

– how are you travelling? Energy, mindset, Stand up every 30 minutes while working to reduce the harmful effects of sitting for long periods of time, move around a bit every half hour. Check in with God and take a debrief of your day.

BAL*ANCE – (noun) stability found at the centre of acceptance

– accept the negative and positive.

WELL*NESS (noun) The harmony between mind, body and spirit.

HEALTH (noun) the state of being free from illness or injury.

The journey towards Health and Wellness starts and continues with finding your unique balance in body, mind and spirit.



Sandra Phillips is a specialised Integrated Massage Therapist and the founder of Serendipity Remedial Therapies

Whilst treating clients for over 15 years this has given her a wide diversity of experience in areas of Remedial/Sports, Aromatherapy and also Integrated Treatments. This has enabled her to have a strong passion and affinity for her work with humanity.

Her passion is for health and wellness looking at balance of the complete human body and how to modify and maintain equilibrium. With experience in work cover injuries, recovery and rehabilitation, sports, disability massage, oncology massage whilst always maintaining a relaxing component to every treatment.

Some of Sandra's other interests are hiking, travel, cooking and learning about other cultures as well as health and spirituality.

Instagram: serendipity_remedial

Facebook: serendipityremedialtherapies

Website: To be revealed soon

Mobile: Sandra Phillips 0407 274 488

Locations: Casula, Wolli Creek and Sydney City mobile locations.


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