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Far & Wide. A Rooted Community By Roxy LaMorgese

Majestic, beautiful, tall, and strong. That’s often the captivating thought that overtakes someone as they look at God’s glory manifesting through the giant Sequoia trees.

You see, this specific tree is magnificent and unique. It commands the attention of its audience. It captures the mind and heart of its observer. It is one of the longest living organisms on earth, it is one of the strongest trees on earth, it has weathered time, fire and extremes of weather. It is a testimony of timeless strength. It is always growing and yet only produces a single offspring, but once they reproduce it lasts for generation.

This tree reminds me of what we build, of who we ought to be and how we should do it. This tree is never independent. The sequoia tree sustains time, weather, and winds within its community. It is anchored safely next to other Sequoia trees. Its secret is not that it can be magnificent all on its own, but rather that it is rooted within and amongst other trees. The secret is not in what you see but lies beneath what you cannot see.

This should be all of us. Like the Sequoia, we should thrive more in an environment of community.

That’s how God designed it, we should build for something bigger than ourselves and be surrounded with like-minded women that will propel us into the trajectory God has ordained for our destiny.

Like the tree, we should never stop growing until that very last minute we are alive. More importantly, what we leave behind, should be clear, focused, purposeful and intentional that will make a lasting impact that outlast the generation.

But the question is “how”? The secret of the Sequoia’s magnificence lies in its root system. Though towering this tree seem to be, their roots don’t grow as deep as they grow as high, rather, their roots are far and wide, building a wider anchor and farther reach, drawing more from a wider perimeter for its nourishment and stability.

More importantly, their roots are intricately interwoven and intertwined with the other trees that surround them. Which means, even if they get shaken, the strength of others can hold them strong and steady. The other roots can keep them standing. The Sequoias are strong not because of its independence but because of its interdependence with other trees within its habitation.

The Word of God tells us that the world cries out of the Lord’s glory, everything in it is His. God teaches us beautifully through His creation. And God has taught me so much through this beautiful, simple yet very potent example of how God desires us to exist, it is within His Body and in a thriving community.

A community that upholds us and we can uphold, that we become what the Word of God would say “great cloud of witness” that cheers each other in our journey to accomplish our God-given destinies.

Community is a value and virtue that we cannot neglect nor negate from. It is a gift from God to be able to not only start well nor finish-well, but rather, to be able to build something that is lasting. There is wisdom in a counsel of multitude, there is strength in many numbers, and there is power to harvest in unity. When humanity began to build the tower of Babel, God Himself said “there is nothing that they cannot do when they work together.” Though their motivations were misguided, the truth and principle still apply. We are stronger as we anchor ourselves together.

I am often asked how I young person like me got to where I am now, and I quickly respond, “I didn’t.”

First and foremost, my pursuit is of the Lord, and what I have is favor and grace simply because He’s good. Our primary community and fellowship are first found in the presence of God, nothing good and sustainable can come out of our own strength, not long lasting nor eternally impactful anyway. Our success is first single-handed in focus, that means our obedience to God.

Second, I fully recognize my need for community and appreciate the community that God has given me. There are people that hold me accountable, that are not afraid to speak truth in love so that I may stay in the course that God has given my life. I have people that both celebrate my victories with me, graciously and without competition, and yet call out my weakness and failures. People that will laugh with me and sometimes cry with me. People that pray and that will fight for the perfect will of God in my life, no matter what. People that will raise the bar of my pursuit with the Lord and leave me hungry for more of God in my life, people that will make me run harder after Jesus and in pursuit of His presence just as I am in pursuit of purpose.

We need to be plugged in, anchored and within a community of strong people and help become that source of strength for someone else. More importantly, there needs to be a community that constantly challenges our complacency if we are to be all that God has called us to be. We need wise and Godly counsel and mentorship, people that have done more things than we have, built more things than we have and have been successful, not just with earthly success but with their ability to attain that without losing eternal focus.

That is a healthy community. That is a Sequoia community. Find those people and be that person to someone else. Never stand alone, God’s purpose in all of this is that we find our place within His Body and offer our gifts and talents in submission to that Body to accomplish God’s corporate desire for humanity, that we, His Children, together will be firmly rooted, anchored in faith and making a difference. That now, until the day He chooses to call each of us home, that we become steadfast, immovable, always abiding in the work of the Lord, wherever that may be, knowing that our labors will never be in vain.

Together, we can make a lasting difference! Sow into somebody else’s dream, you cannot out serve and outgive God. What you sow you shall also reap, for those who sow generously, will reap generously. It’s a timeless principle like that of the Sequoia’s existence. The generosity of your time, treasure and talent, in complete deference to God’s timeless principles will establish what you build beyond what your human efforts can secure. So always remember, get Far and Wide, and get rooted like a Sequoia community.

Roxy LaMorgese


Roxy Lamorgese is an Author, Speaker, Leader and a Kingdom Igniter. Her ultimate passion is Christ and Christ alone. She desires to see God’s children pursue Christ, discover their identity and walk in their God-given purpose. Roxy is the author of Fashioned to Reign, a book about discovering your ultimate purpose and leaving a lasting legacy that glorifies Christ. She serves as the Executive Director of Pre-born, the largest life-affirming evangelical ministry in the nation. Roxy is also a speaker and a personal development and leadership consultant. Her heart’s thrust is to help people not only build successful ministries and organizations but rather sustain that with Biblical rooted, God-centered character.


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