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Finding Freedom As We Anchor In God by Belinda McLean

When you are anchored Christ then you can be fully yourself.

You are free to be you; you who is uniquely designed and created.

Have you ever said to someone hey that looks great on you but it’s just not me?

Sometimes people think we’re just being polite or just saying “it’s OK but I wouldn’t wear it.” In reality, this is true for us as a person.

When you look at other people; in the profession and the jobs they choose, the options they take in everyday life, maybe you think “that really isn’t what I would do”. And, in some ways, that’s perfectly OK because they are NOT you; they are themselves a different being. God has created you (& them!) with a unique path, a unique personality, unique skills & gifts that no one else has. And when you acknowledge and appreciate the uniqueness in which God has created us, then you are able to fully utilize these gifts talents and abilities.

God has given us unique abilities, talents & spiritual gifts that means the path for each individual is individual. Meaning that our path is not the same as someone else’s and we have not been designed to be on someone else’s path.

What often happens in life is that we begin to believe that someone else’s success, someone else’s path, someone else’s journey is better than our own and we start trying to live on their path and take their journey and aim for the apparent success that is actually not ours.

You see “success” is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So if our journeys are all unique; wouldn’t it then make sense, that our “success” would also be unique & different to others?

Do you know people that SEEM to be “successful” yet deep down they are unhappy, sad or seem dissatisfied with the life that they are living? Maybe the real issue is that they are trying to find success on a path that is not theirs. Maybe, what they are actually projecting or living is someone else’s success and not their own.

When we start living or aiming for someone else’s success we can get bogged down in striving for something that we are actually not passionate about; something that we are actually not wanting and that ultimately, when we get it, we are not happy. And alongside the feelings of frustration that “success” didn’t get us what we thought; there’s also feelings of failure and an identity crisis: if this doesn’t solve my problems; then what will??!

This is seen quite often in the corporate world when people have strived for a position or a job or a career that has got them to the “top”; yet when they get there they realize that they want to be anywhere but right there.

If you are reading this, and you can relate to what’s above; then the good news is that you have identified and acknowledged the issue. And that is ALWAYS step 1 of finding a solution. Always.

And then the next question that pops up pretty quickly: so now what??

What do we do?

How do we figure out this path that is ours?

The path that God has set before us?

How do we live a life that God has designed for us rather than aim for the “success” that either the world or someone else tells us to aim for?

In short: in a practical way, how do we do this??

Here’s what I’ve learnt: if you aren’t listening, then you can’t hear.

If you are too busy, day in, day out, to listen for what God is speaking to you; then you have no hope to hear. You are hyper-focused on the day-to-day tasks; it’s like having tunnel vision, like walking through the bush and looking at your phone the whole time (yes, I’ve done that too!). You may feel like you’ve got something done, but you’ve missed the natural beauty all around.

Takes time to figure out how God is using us in this world; sometimes it’s like someone hitting you in the face; a wake up call that you can’t help but take note of. Other times it’s a little push or nudge in a direction that you didn’t think about, or a “gut feeling” that just doesn’t go away.

We need to be mindful listening out, thinking and giving ourselves the time and space to think so that we can be aware of these nudges, be aware of the little hints so that we can live a life that God has created for us.

One way God can speak to us is through other people.

Have you ever had a conversation, and a little phrase just stuck out to you like a sore thumb?? It may not even have been the focus of the rest of the conversation, but if you had to recall the conversation; it’s the first thing that comes to mind? Ponder these thoughts & ideas. Us the gift of faithful friends, family & colleagues to discern about these things and whether it is on YOUR path. And on a cautionary note; remember we live in a broken world, and some shiny objects can be distractions that lead us off our path, rather than beacons to light our way.

Through life, we have struggles, trials, triumphs and many experiences along the way that shape our journey. I don’t believe that God “gives” us trials; but I do believe that He has allowed us (& nurtured us) to move through these trials. We have free will in this broken world, but He also promises to give us the strength, guidance and support to pull us through. But to what end?

Have you ever considered that because you have triumphed over something that you can then help others in similar situation? That maybe us sharing our experiences may be part of the support package God has prepared for someone else? We were never designed to live alone; we see that both Biblically & through modern research.

So if you are wondering what “success” looks like for you; firstly remember that it your success is uniquely yours. You have permission to not need that promotion or 5 kids or a new car or a bigger house to feel “successful”. God has given you YOUR path to success and when you stop to listen & hear; God will give you the heads-up when you are on the right path; YOUR path & no one else’s.

Your journey is uniquely yours. From the beginning all the way to the end, God has given it to you as a gift not only for yourself but to help others. Not only to help others in the physical life here on earth but also to help them know that God is God, we are unique humans and that He loves us.

Belinda “Billy” McLean

Your success. Your way.


Belinda, aka "Billy", is an Aussie Author, Life & Ideas Coach, focusing on turning your ideas into business and finding balance in this unbalanced world.

"I learned what I know by doing; helping my family and friends asking themselves questions and helping them in their life & business goals. Those experiences lead me to obtain a Life Coaching certification & write my book on creating a business from your ideas. Now I combine my love of helping people find more balance in life with my love of coaching people with their business ideas.

I believe that everyone can live a more balanced, less stressed life. My clients learn how to identify areas in their life that are unbalanced & creating stress. Together, my clients make goals to step them towards their balanced dream life."

* Author of Little Ideas, Big Business: The 5 step formula to turn your ideas into business

* Ideas Coach: group & 1:1 coaching to go from dreamy ideas into purpose-driven business

* Certified OOLA Life Coach: helping people live less-stressed & more balanced lives (group & individual coaching available)


The Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs is a Sisterhood Community for The Vision Builders, Boundary Breakers, Passion Igniters; Called & Anointed To Shine In Their Uniqueness & God Given - Calling.

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