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Professional Public Speaking and On-Camera Trainer.

During her 20 years in the acting and directing world, Amanda saw how life changing the skills taught can be. Skills that enable actors to stand up on any stage or stare into the camera lens -without fear- because they know that they have the expertise and tools to do so well. 

Amanda realised that so many people in the business world were unable to share their expertise with others effectively, whether it is speaking to a crowd, pitching to the board, or filming their expertise on camera.

As a result, she created ‘Rewards Drama’ to translate the acting and directing skills to the business world so that you too can overcome fears, and confidently and effectively reach your audience on stage, in the room and on camera.

Amanda’s clients have been a wide variety of people: Business Owners, Speakers, Teachers, Trainers and Coaches, CEO's of Global Companies, Government Departments, Students, and Singers.

In addition to her work in Rewards Drama, she has taught acting, written and directed for the stage, written many training programs, articles, and fictional pieces, was head of Drama at ACOPA, and run several businesses. 

Amanda has been a guest expert speaker at conferences, workshops, retreats, podcasts and online conferences.

INSTAGRAM: @rewardsdrama

FACEBOOK: @rewardsdrama




Speaker, Author + 

Christian Life & Business Coach. 

Founder of KWE Academy.

A visionary who loves seeing women rise up in leadership in any aspects of their lives, using their gifts and talents to build a business & life that honours God, as they walk in their God-given calling.


Fideliz is a Certified Life Coach by BYCA & is the winner of the 2018-2019 International Coach Of The Year Award.


Fideliz runs a few bespoke workshops in Sydney one of which is the  Vision Casting Workshop that aims to help women create their Personal Life Vision and kick-start their journey towards their dreams.

Fideliz is the founder of Kingdom Women Entrepreneur Community and ARISE Business Network. Author and Co-founder for an online store providing Christian products such as journals and affirmations cards.

INSTAGRAM: @coach_fideliz_cruz

FACEBOOK: @coachfideliz




Certified Anxiety Life Coach, Mind Detox Practitioner & Teacher

Diana Braybrooke is a Certified anxiety life coach, mind detox practitioner and teacher who helps anxious women say ‘yes’ more to life.


She has a background in education (11 years), and guides women who experience anxiety into a deep acceptance of who they are, while providing heart centred tools to manage their anxiety.


In particular, Diana uses the Mind Detox Method to get to the root cause of where anxiety was wired in so it can be wired out. When she's not helping women who experience anxiety, she likes writing poetry, daggy dancing with her 4 year old, snuggling up to her 6 month old baby and savouring an artisan coffee at a hipster cafe. 

INSTAGRAM: @Diana.braybrooke

FACEBOOK: @DianaBraybrookeAnxietylifeCoach



Founder & Artist 

Leeora Studio

Hini is a wife, artist, musician and creative entrepreneur whose passion is to uplift and inspire others to pursue their unique God-given purpose.


Having travelled the internationally to share her music at numerous conferences and festivals, she is continually inspired to write songs that encourage people to immerse themselves in God’s love.

Hini is also the founder of Leeora Studio, a company that specialises in calligraphy, crafts and hand-painted gifts. Her dream and vision is to create a space within her art for others to see their identity in Christ.


FACEBOOK: @leeorastudio



Founder & Life Coach


Joanne Tweedie is a life coach, ministry leader

and founder of She Rises. 

Joanne is passionate about women rising in their confidence and worth so they can lead with effectiveness and influence

in all spheres of life.


Her work has been featured in Christian Women in Business magazine, The Yoga Abbey and a variety of workshops, retreats and events across Sydney and Adelaide.

INSTAGRAM: @sherisesaustralia

FACEBOOK: @sherisesaustralia



Author, Speaker & 

Certified Life Coach

Monica is a wife, mother of two, a Dr and a life coach. She is passionate about seeing women in meaningful community with one another, pursuing God and the purpose He’s instilled in them. 


Monica also loves to inspire young girls through HER BRAVE LIFE Workshops run under her ABOUT HER Coaching which she leads and runs in Melbourne, Australia.

INSTAGRAM: @monica.d.r

FACEBOOK: @abouthertribe





Owner of  

Virtual Management Solutions

A Kingdom business inspired to improve community engagement for small business owners. We are enabling you to transform your business with an online platform. By creating a clearly defined brand voice, to increase visibility and grow your audience.


Also, available are bookkeeping services including BAS, Social media mentorship, newsletters, virtual management tasks, and so much more!

INSTAGRAM: @virtualmanagementsolutions

FACEBOOK: @virtualmanagermentsolutions




Health & Wellness Coach

Arbonne Independent Consultant

My name is Rebecca Siow and I am a Health & Wellness coach and Brand Ambassador with Arbonne.


My vision is to be a courageous faith-filled, heart-centred, female Christian Entrepreneur & influencer in the marketplace.


I am committed to living an authentic & multi-coloured life that reflects the faithfulness of God in my life, encouraging, serving, inspiring and challenging others in a way that nurtures optimum health in their physical bodies, so they can achieve their God-given goals and live a Life by Design.

INSTAGRAM: @rclifebydesign

FACEBOOK: @rebeccachin22lifebydesign




Grace x Strength

Josephine, or "Jo" is the Founder of Grace x Strength, a mother of 2 boys married to her best friend and currently living in Sydney, Australia. She is also a Chronic Migraine sufferer who is eager to raise awareness of this poorly understood condition and severe impacts it has on many lives.

After over 800 hours of yoga training since 2015 and lots of teaching, Jo founded Grace x Strength in 2017 from a burning passion to help people experience yoga as a way to deliver strength, balance, healing and spiritual depth – a discerned calling from God. She also serves as the Australian Regional Leader on the Global Leadership team of Holy Yoga, the yoga school that she trained with.

She is motivated by seeing the healing and transformation journeys of lives who have been touched by the programs and content she offers, both digitally and through live experiences.

She finds joy in sharing her experiences with fellow mums who share the struggles of balancing motherhood responsibilities with living out their calling, especially with those who suffer from chronic illness.

Honoured to be the first registered Christian Yoga Teacher on Yoga Australia, her work has been featured on Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times, Brisbane Times, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)Salvation Army magazine (Warcry)Modern WitnessesAuthentic Magazine and Wesley Mission.

In between her yoga teaching and entrepreneurial ventures, she's a typical soccer mum running her boys to school activities or hanging out with her girlfriends!

INSTAGRAM: @gracexstrength

FACEBOOK: @graceXstrength


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