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NSW, Australia

Mary Sunarho

Owner & Designer at Harvest Collection

Hi there!
We're a creative business that creates unique original gifts for people to be inspired and motivated by.

Founded in 2017, Mary Sunarho started the business to integrate the artworks of her son, Jonathan, who is in the autism spectrum. She has a vision to give hope for others that by focusing on their strengths together, life will be purposeful.

Love for art and originality is at the heart of our business. We enjoy every step in our creative process, from sketching, painting, designing to crafting the final piece so your gifts can be perfected!

Our key points of difference:
Unique personalised gifts that aren’t available anywhere else.

Our handmade process minimises waste and results in products of the highest quality.

We love to share our knowledge to build other children's confidence and skills through online art classes.

Every purchase does good in the community by opening up people with disability's skills to the public eye and giving back our profits to those who need it. We support a few autism related organizations and other charities such as I Can Network, ASPECT, and donate our goods to special needs families as needs arise.

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