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NSW, Australia

Larissa Wright

Natural Therapist & Founder of Wholistic Wellness Hub

Larissa is a wife, mum and avid low toxer and essential oiler! She was previously a primary teacher and has a background in education and special education.

After having 4 children, including one on the autism spectrum, she was happy to leave the teaching profession.

After struggling with her own health Larissa found the benefits of natural health and all it encompasses as well as a passion for reducing the toxic chemical load in her home and in the products her family use.

She believes in looking after the body through the mind, body and spirit connection and in wholistic health - focused on not one aspect, but many that make up our wellness.

Larissa is a Raindrop practitioner. Raindrop is a very light, therapeutic massage, which uses essential oils and will leave you rejuvenated and restored.

She runs body scans that give information on what is happening in the body systems to help you find overall wellness.

Larissa also runs low tox and essential oil classes. At the start of 2022 Larissa will be a certified aromatherapist. Something she us super passionate about. She will also be a remedial massage therapist!
Everything she does is focused on supporting the person wholistically - to create balance and restore health and energy.

She is located in the Hills/Blacktown area and always happy to connect!

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