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Nominate 3 Christian Business Owners

Nominate 3 Christian Business Owners


Nominate 3 Christian Business Owners

Thank you for nominating 3 Christian Business Owners! 
Choose 3 Christian Business to nominate for any category.


Please pay special attention to the category criterias and make sure that the Christian Business that you are nominating fits your chosen criteria.

It's important to note that when nominating a Christian Business, it is purely up to the nominee to pursue the nomination. (But not to worry, we will do our very best to encourage them to participate in the awards)

Conditions of Entry for the Nominee:
- Business owner must be female.

- The business must have an active ABN
- Award entries must be completed by October 7th 2023

ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED PAYMENT, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION  WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HRS CONTAINING THE NOMINATION FORM FOR YOU TO FILL UP. - You can request to remain anonymous and the recepient will not be notified that you have nominated them - you will need to choose this option in the nomination form that we will send you.

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