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Florida, USA

Quantieshia Brown

CEO & Owner of DRIP Productions

Tieshia B is what I am called in the film industry. I'm an award winning filmmaker and screenplay writer. I've been studying film production since 2007 & decided to launch my business February 2020.

I am currently working on a few production where I will be the Director, Producer, and Actress. Yes, it's a lot of work but I love everything about what I do. Bringing scripts to life is my passion and I will not trade it for the world.

I offer the following services:

Film Production services: This is where I will help the client develop their story by starting their script writing process and taking them through the entire preproduction process to prepare for production and post production.

Editing Services: If you just want a video edited, a team member who is certified to edit will sit with you to discuss your vision of how you see your final product. We will glue your story pieces together by using our editing software to help tell your story.

Promo Videos: Do you have a business you wish to promote? My company will help you develop a commercial for your business. We will take care of the commercial script, putting together the production and edit your video down just the way you like it. With the finish product, you will be able to promote your business on every social media platform there is.

Music Videos: Are you an artist looking to tell a story through music. My company will help brainstorm an idea as well help you so that you can tell your story through your music. We will take care of everything including preproduction, production and post production.

Working with DRIP Productions, we will take care of all your creative needs.

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