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NSW, Sydney

Helen Wakefield

Founder of Inspire by Zelima

Hi! My name is Helen Wakefield.
I’m from, and live, in Australia, with my husband, two daughters and son.

I have a heart for encouraging women and girls in their faith. I want to people more than being saved – I want to see them living their best life in the freedom that Jesus came to give us (Galations 5:1).

I created Inspire by Zelima to produce beautiful products that will appeal to girls and women and help them in their walk with Jesus.

So who is Zelima? The question is better put who are Zelima. They are my three children! ‘Zelima’ is a combination of the letters in their names.

The Armour of God for Girls.

To create beautiful art and gifts for girls and women to encourage and remind them to walk in the Armour of God. It started several years ago, in my own quest to remind myself about our spiritual armour available to us through Jesus.

I went in search of something that I could put on my wall, that I could see every day.

My search results were uninspiring. Everything I found relating to the armour of God looked outdated and masculine. I wanted something beautiful and feminine.

Fast forward a few years and I finally had the right team together to bring my dream into reality.

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