New York, USA

Christina Farinacci-Roberts

Founder and Chief S.O.U.L. Coach at Head Heart Hands Consulting LLC

Christina Farinacci-Roberts is a former NYC high school principal turned education & equity entrepreneur and recent founder of Grace Grit and Glory- the premier platform for achieving holistic Christian wellness.

She is also the matriarch of a blended family who strives to model to her two kids the unrelenting work ethic and audacious ambitions her Korean Tiger mom instilled. She maintains her sanity with yoga, CrossFit and frequent karaoke sessions.

Grace Grit and Glory’s primary offerings are the 21 Days to a Foundation for Flourishing program and the FaithFull & Flourishing Journey monthly membership that empowers individuals to maximize their God given potential by supporting them to cultivate the three distinct but integrated facets of their humanity- a Sound Mind, Strong Body, Sage Spirit- and connect with others to build a global community that individually and collectively create an Intentional Life with Infinite Blessings.

The 21 DFF empowers participants to develop a RHYTHM of the rhetoric, routines and rituals necessary for a more flourishing life.

The FFJ empowers “graduates” of the 21 DFF program to comprehensively apply and benefit from what they have learned, connecting to a virtual community and receiving a daily devotional/prayer/affirmation, a daily workout of the day (WOD) that can be done from home and with no equipment (though there are options to add in weights if you have them and want to do so), a different daily bonus tip of the day themed by day, general meal prep support guide, weekly healthy recipe highlights and a monthly theme with special live sessions and guest speakers sprinkled throughout