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NSW, Australia

Carmel Austin

Carmel Austin; Visionary & Founder of Carmel’s Garden | Podcast Host | Respected Publisher Three-Time Amazon #1 Bestselling Author | Empowering Wholeness Writing Coach.

Carmel empowers creative artists and women to unlock their true potential, recognize their intrinsic worth, and break free from self-sabotaging behaviors. I guide them in living authentically, freeing themselves from the burden of disappointments, and mastering the art of self-care. Together, we journey towards wholeness and create a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle while crafting their unique life story.

In 2010, Carmel answered a divine calling to travel to Israel, she established her ministry, Carmel's Garden. Her mission is to empower women to live authentically and embrace their God-given identity. Carmel's nurturing spirit extends to her hobbies, including cooking and sewing, which she shares with loved ones.

Carmel and her husband of 38 years enjoy camping and beach walks. They've also embraced many adopted children and grandchildren from diverse backgrounds. Carmel is a co-author of the best-selling book "Just Say No," focused on healthy boundaries. She hosts "The Thriving Woman" podcast show.

In 2023, Carmel birthed her co-author book "The Artist Haven," an international bestseller promoting creative expression. Her goal is to uplift and encourage women and families to prioritize self-esteem and self-care, guided by her faith and desire to help others find wholeness and share their stories.

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