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VIC, Australia

Annemarie cross

Business Coach aka The Podcasting Queen

Dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen,’ Business Coach, Annemarie Cross is an award-winning podcast host and is recognized as a pioneer in the podcasting space having started her first co-hosted podcast in 2008. Her podcasts have been syndicated on both National and International Radio and listed among the top podcasts for Entrepreneurs and small business worldwide.

Recognized as one of the Top 20 Business Coaches in Melbourne – Australia, Annemarie works with consultants and coaches around the world who feel like the world’s best kept secret go from invisible to influential trusted authority with a distinguishable and uncopiable brand and message. As well as a robust podcast strategy so they’re able to nurture listeners into leads from their first episode, while also position themselves as THE choice vs A choice with their dream clients.

Feel like the world’s best kept secret? Your experience is vast, yet secretly you’re frustrated, because despite all of your hard work, you’re not getting the visibility, recognition or new clients you’d hoped for despite all of the hard work you’ve put into your business?

So, now you’re thinking of starting a podcast – because you’ve heard a podcast can help you amplify your message, however, you’re unsure where to start. In fact, starting a podcast seems quite daunting and you're looking for a step-by-step, easy to follow guide with the right support to make the entire process (from idea to launch) be far less overwhelming.

Can I share something with you? You don’t need MORE marketing, especially a podcast - just yet. Because there are some key things you want to focus on first BEFORE you launch a podcast so it doesn't become another 'bright shiny object' that's not generating the results you'd hoped for. Nor will it get lost in the noise among the hundreds of thousands of podcasts in your industry, never to be found by your ideal client.

The key things you DO want to focus on first includes what makes you distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible with your brand, your message and your offerings/programs, while establish a streamlined, robust customer relationship-building funnel (i.e. pipeline) that continues to nurture prospective customers along the customer journey from lead to enquiry through to paying customer.

Because when you do, not only does your podcast stand out with your ideal client, your message and content you're sharing on your podcast continues to position you as an influential trusted authority – THE choice vs just A choice when your ideal client is ready to move forward.

That’s exactly what we focus on. Welcome to Podcasting With Purpose.

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